“I have been training as a warrior since I went down to Costa Rica in December for a Sacred Warrior retreat. I practiced meditation, started my boxing training and learned plant medicine in the jungle surrounded by my new crew of amazing Warriors. Since then, I have been training with Vanessa in NYC. She uses her own special technique combining the fierceness of boxing with the focus and visualization of meditation… then makes it more of a beautiful bundle when she teaches you about healing (physically, emotionally, spiritually) with local medicinal plants. I can only fully express my gratitude for her teaching and guidance by sharing it because she has changed my world and made me feel like more of the Bad Ass that was waiting to be released! *cue Eye of the Tiger please!”
Danise Prescott, Professional Dancer

“One of the greatest lessons I have learned from Vanessa is that the body follows the mind. The lessons that you learn when creating a meditation practice are the same ones that make you a better athlete: learning to tune into ones intuition and tune out external noise while channeling the intensity and power of inner gaze. When I realized that the physical self and the spiritual self are not separate but inextricably linked, I learned to value meditation as an essential element of the training process”
Sophie Browner, Doula & Writer

“Vanessa is an amazing person. She knows how to teach us to get in touch with our animal instincts, animal spirit, like no one else I know. And that is the doorway to the shamanic world.”
Matthew Wood, Author & Herbalist

“Nature, Wild Women, & Wolves… What a perfect combination! Thank you, Vanessa for creating the perfect retreat for the woman who wants to connect with her primal instincts. This has been the medicine my soul has been craving. Not only did we howl with the wolves, but now I have more Wild Woman sisters!
Roseangel Perez, Radio Show Host


“Your ability to teach people to embrace their practice from their own present moment is powerful. While I’d been an athlete for much of my life, I’ve never had someone hold the space for me to arrive deeply in my practice in a way that welcomed not only the practice itself, but left room for the baggage, wisdom and life experience I’d carried with me in that moment. In this way you make training a sacred opportunity to learn about how to better one’s approach life, self and others. I am deep in gratitude.”

Phelicia Magnusson, Herbalist

“Whenever I work with Vanessa, I feel like all the power deep inside my core is drawn from the inside out, rather than built up on the outside. It’s wild. Her retreats at the Wolf Sanctuary are dreamy, grounding, intuitive-building and very aligned with wolf-nature. Thank You for all you bring to the wolves, to nature and the sacred warriors of the world!”
Danielle Alicia, Yogi & Founder of Pipal Yoga

“We went to the Warriorship Retreat at the Wolf Conservation Center and it was honestly magical. Vanessa is an incredibly gifted teacher and it felt like a veil was lifted; opening to the amazing world of plant medicines that grow all around us. The combination of camping near the magical wolves and learning more about the plant medicines was very sacred. Vanessa is a true healer and teacher and helps you awaken your own healing animal instincts and become more aware of the sacred world within, and around you.”
Jenn Ruff & Matt Hall, Filmmakers

“Vanessa Chakour brings a unique passion, purity and strength into everything that she does. She is a powerful, inspiring and motivating force for personal transformation and social change. I give the highest recommendation and praise to Vanessa and Sacred Warrior, for merging and bringing light to personal reflection, growth and empowerment through sports, ecology and activism.”
Eli A. Wolff, Inclusive Sports Initiative, Institute for Human Centered Design

“I first want to thank you for giving such a wonderful presentation at the Youth Assembly at the UN. I got only sensational feedback, saying that you truly spoke to the youth and gave such an inspirational talk, which they could all relate to! Once again, that you so much for your life’s work — for finding the will of body and heart, to become the person, and athlete, that will help others to do the same in their lives.
Dr. Elaine Valdov, Director of Young Peoples Assembly for the UN




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