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Developed by Sacred Warrior Founder & former fighter, Vanessa Chakour, Sacred Warrior Boxing is taught as an internal and external martial art. Like other martial arts, boxing can help us tune in, access our power, heighten awareness and synchronize our mind with movement. Boxing is an incredible arena for moving beyond self-imposed limitations, harnessing will, increasing present moment awareness and cultivating internal strength. 

The more we cultivate our internal strength, the more we can embrace the power of our sensitivity. This allows us to tune in to our intuition, instinct, and develop a heightened awareness of our surroundings. In this sense, Sacred Warrior Boxing is used as a tool to connect more deeply to the self and our environment.


Cultivation of one-pointed awareness for more mindful & effective sessions.

Sensory Development:
Attuning to our environment through our senses. Focusing our gaze, listening, feeling, tuning into our intuition.

Proper professional boxing technique & strategies that apply in the ring and as metaphors for life.

Stretching, strength and cardiovascular training

Training in both stances:
We train in both conventional boxing and southpaw stance to balance our body/mind.

Primal Connection:
Connection with our animal self, allowing us to work with places within we usually have to tone down.

Writing and Art Exercises:
Exploration through writing & art to rewrite stories that may be blocking our true power.

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