Wildlife Connection

Sacred Warrior works in partnership with wildlife and environmental organizations to build relationship with animals that share our ecosystem. Each retreat raises funds and awareness for the endangered species we spend time with, helping us to make an impact on the world from the inside out. 

Wolf Retreats in So Salem, NY
Beyond being beautiful, wolves are critical keystone species that improve ecosystem function and resilience. Without predators, such as wolves, an ecosystem fails to support a natural level of biodiversity, and may cease to exist altogether. Sacred Warrior has partnered with the Wolf Conservation Center in So. Salem, NY to provide transformative retreats that raise funds and awareness for these misunderstood and essential allies. Current Spring, Summer & Fall offerings HERE


Rewilding Retreats in Costa Rica
We sleep in the rainforest and wake to sounds of howling monkeys during these retreats that deepen connection to ourselves and the living earth. The Jaguar Rescue Center introduces us to many of the animals they rescue, rehabilitate and re-release into la Ceiba nature preserve where we hike. Retreats in April and Winter 2017-2018 More HERE


Sea Turtle Retreat in Nicaragua
Sea turtles are critical to healthy oceans. During our retreat in Nicaragua, we work on behalf of Hawksbills, the most endangered of sea turtles. We stay at the beautiful Padre Ramos Estuary in Nicaragua, one of only two major nesting areas for hawkbills in the Eastern Pacific. We’ll stay on the beach during nesting season and work hands on with local conservationists while we also spend time nurturing ourselves. More about our summer retreat HERE

You’ll find more information about our animal allies on the Sacred Warrior blog.






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