HOLISTIC HERBALISM & WILD MEDICINE: Wolf Conservation Center, Oct. 11th

Suggested Price: $50.00



Through the practice of holistic herbalism, we learn that plants are powerful medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. They are catalysts for our creative process, offering insight and connection to the wild within and around us. This multi-sensory workshop series led by herbalist and Sacred Warrior founder, Vanessa Chakour, will explore our relationship to the land through the edible and medicinal plants growing at the Wolf Conservation Center and in the newly planted medicine garden. Experience their medicine through herbal-infusions, tinctures, flower essence and meditation and leave awakened to the magic under your feet. 

This workshop will include:

• Plant Identification

• Introduction to Wildcrafting & Medicine Making

• Tasting and Making Herbal Infusions 

• An Introduction to Holistic Herbalism


Visitors will also see the WCC’s ambassador wolves and learn about the role of wolves as a keystone species, while also discussing current recovery challenges. Pre-registration is required.

Location: Wolf Conservation Center, South Salem NY

Dates: 3:30-6:30pm
October 11th

Contribution: $50

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