Sacred Warrior Boxing Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY



Through Sacred Warrior Training we cultivate our internal strength and increase vitality by attuning to nature.

Martial arts meets herbal wellness in this powerful integrative practice developed by Sacred Warrior founder and former fighter, Vanessa ChakourSacred Warrior Boxing™ brings together therapeutic movement, boxing, mindfulness practice and herbalism into a singular experience that deepens your connection to your body and to the body of the Earth. Each week, we work with a different plant, element, corresponding movement and meditation. You’ll come away with simple, powerful practices you can incorporate into daily life to develop increased awareness, self-confidence and connection. These sessions are suitable for all levels. You create your own intensity.




• Increased Internal & external strength

• An understanding of martial arts principles that apply to daily life

• A deepened connection to nature in the city • A foundation in local herbalism

• Heightened senses • Increased Focus

• Inner exploration through journaling & creative exploration

• Increased understanding of self healing

• Movement, mindfulness & self care practices

• A supportive community environment


private & small group sessions by appointment

 Contact Vanessa if you’d like to enroll or request a group session.



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