Introduction To Holistic Herbalism: Mondays, November 5th-26th




Introduction to Holistic Herbalism

This 4-part course with herbalist & Sacred Warrior founder, Vanessa Chakour, introduces the practice of Holistic Herbalism. Understanding and utilizing medicinal plants, Holistic Herbalism moves beyond symptoms to explore and address the root cause of mental physical or emotional challenges. You’ll engage your innate wisdom in healing practices and learn how to make herbal infusions, tinctures and work with herbs in ritual healing practices. The course includes herbs for each week of take-home practice.

Week 1: Earth. Root Medicines. Planting seeds.

Week 2: Water. Plants to help us cleanse, dream and flow.

Week 3: Fire. Personal power, solar energy and transformation.

Week 4: Air. Plants and practices to help us breathe.

This is an introductory course for anyone. No experience necessary.

Bring a cup or canteen for herbal tea and a journal.


7-9 pm Mondays, November 5th-26th
Love is Juniper, Brooklyn NY





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