The Spiral Path Of Plant Medicine, Saturdays at Love is Juniper

Suggested Price: $1,175.00

Minimum Price: $995.00


Deepen relationship to yourself & the living earth through plant medicine

The Spiral Path Of Plant Medicine offers a deep dive into the practice of herbalism. The course combines experiential learning, group practices, personalized study and practical application of a home apothecary. You’ll learn lifelong tools of healing and uncover your unique gifts in relationship with the land.

The first phase of the course focuses on personal assessment and awakening further to the language of nature. We’ll create questions to uncover root causes of mental, physical, spiritual or emotional challenges and together, discuss the best plants and practices to address them. Your homework includes working with a select plant in your healing practice and sharing the experience. We’ll explore holistic herbal traditions, body systems and engage deeper levels of communication with our bodies through creative writing and meditation practice. You’ll learn to make your own medicine, have access to Juniper’s backyard garden and learn to identify plants in the urban wild.

This 9-month course is guided by Herbalist & Sacred Warrior Founder, Vanessa Chakour. Her approach to plant medicine engages your intuition and reminds you how to listen to and learn from the language of nature.  We’ll share an herbal infusion (medicinal tea) and plant meditation each class as we discuss the ways plants help us to heal through the mind, body and spirit.



The Wisewoman Tradition of Healing • Holistic Herbalism • Ancestral Medicine • Spiritual Herbalism • Local Plant Medicine  • Elemental Herbalism • Body Systems & Healing • Medicine Making • The Building Blocks Of An Herbal Practice



SATURDAYS: 12:30-3:30:

 April 20th, May 25th, June 22nd
July 27th, August 17th, September 14th
FALL & WINTER: October 12th, November 2nd, December 14th & January 4th


Love is Juniper
639 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn NY


The Course includes follow up notes, practices and online check ins and support you between sessions, along with free Sunday plant walks in Prospect Park. Learn more about Vanessa’s approach to herbalism, and this class HERE.

New Students: $1075 for May – Jan
Returning Students: $995

Pre-registration required to reserve space.

We have 2 spaces left! For new students joining in May, you will be caught up through our notes and a recap in class. Students can come to Wednesday sessions as make-ups if needed. 

For payment plans, contact Vanessa HERE

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