Beyond The Veil: Reclaiming the Wise & Wild Woman, Scotland

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Beyond The Veil: Reclaiming the Wise & Wild Woman

Artwork by Katie Skau

As women we encompass many parts that have long been kept hidden. But, the world is changing and it’s time to meet ourselves for all that we are. This retreat will support and inspire you to reclaim facets of yourself that have too long been veiled.

Held by the strength and beauty of this special landscape, with its strong connection to ancient matriarchal societies and the Celtic feminine, we will honor ourselves and the land through sacred bathing, cairn building and sharing stories. We will follow in the footsteps of the women of this place as they gathered and prepared herbs for medicine and ritual. We will walk the paths of the well maidens who took care of the well waters, held sovereignty and kept the land fertile and abundant.

Our daily flow will move through movement to engage and renew our relationship to our physical being, strengthen our resolve and reawaken our warrior. We give time to our deeply nourishing meals and slip into sharing circle and morning class exploring a different facet of our womanhood each day. Afternoons are spent in the land, engaging with our intuitive selves as we harvest, observe and create. Evenings are spent exploring our relationships to ourselves, to the other and to our lives as we listen to myths and tell stories.

This is an experience to fall into with trust and readiness to embrace who we are as women: our history, our potential, our creative, intuitive and wise selves. We are all whole, we are all healers.



Daily Movement & Meditation Practice • European Herbalism in Folklore, Magic, Healing & Ritual

Creative Writing, Journaling and Storytelling • Hikes & Excursions

Earth Ally & Meditation Work • Work with the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

Plant Medicine and Wildcrafting • Sacred Fire Ceremony

Delicious Organic Meals • Immersion in Nature


Join us for our Magic, Medicine & Myth Retreat the following week!




Ancel Mitchell was born and raised in Scotland and has lived in England, the US and currently lives in Costa Rica. Her deep connection to nature and sense of place feeds her creativity and curiosity which push her ever deeper into exploring the natural environment. A waldorf educator for over 20 years, Ancel delights in bringing new and different perspectives into her teaching, making her classes rich, fresh and fun. Bouyed along by a sense of magic and an ability to consciously listen she holds space for story:  “Stories hold us, they rock us to sleep in their arms, they allow us to venture forth into territory we fear, they have our back when the terrain gets rough. Through story we can meet ourselves anywhere, we can find ourselves at home anywhere. Stories connect our inner and outer selves, they are our two way bridge to nature, and home.”

Ancel teaches plant ally and western herbalism on Sacred Warrior Costa Rican retreats. When she’s not teaching she’s enjoying working with plants and animals, making medicines and chocolate and enjoying her farm.


Vanessa Chakourr is the founder of Sacred Warrior whose mission is to deepen relationship with ourselves and the living earth. The concept and method of teaching evolved out of her journey of healing and teaching as an herbalist, artist, activist, meditation teacher, former pro boxer & trainer. With connection to Nature as Self at its core, Vanessa’s unique blend of sensitive awareness and deep ecology plus over twenty years of inner work and refining her skills, creates an opportunity to experience the “inner wild”. Having lived her adult life in New York City, Vanessa is familiar with the disconnect so many feel from the natural world. It’s this that drives her work: helping others to understand that they are not alone, or apart from Life. Her work, from holistic training to herbal apprenticeships to retreats focuses on reconnection. A spokeswoman for nature, Vanessa works as mediator and match-maker, helping people form one on one relationships with plants or animals, building bridges and creating bonds. It’s these small understandings and relationships which develop that create eco-defenders and sacred warriors: so necessary at this time. Learn more about Vanessa and her journey HERE


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