Sacred Warrior Boxing Narrative: Simplicity

by Steph Harris

How close we live with dichotomy.

She’s a close friend, someone I always turn around and see at the darkest and lightest of times. She’s lurking and jumping, happy go lucky, and sometimes, it seems, without purpose. As I’ve grown older, dichotomy has grown closer to me, and now, I’m not so bothered by the experience of funerals with a bout of laughter or tragedy amongst soul filling sunlight. 

When I strip down my reality to its bare bones, dichotomy lives freely, unboundedly with life. She begs for an acceptance that I can only equate to the feeling of simplicity. Simple joy and sorrow, simple strokes and steps, a simple vibe with simple compassion. 

Last month, I set my intention to follow through. I practiced following through on the boxing bag, I practiced while running, and I practiced while listening to others. A natural evolution has occurred from this intense concentration: simplicity. My focus for the next month is to keep it simple. As those moments come up, of decision making, test taking, treadmill running, I’ll be focused on keeping it simple and allowing the rest to flow. 

Spring is here and I can’t think of a better way to start this season of growth than with simple soil, nature’s seeds and the sun’s guidance. 

~ Steph

lacrosse2000 (2)About the Author: A lifelong athlete and artist, Steph felt a strong pull to work with Vanessa in 2016 after a continued feeling that the noises of NYC life were becoming extremely loud and disorienting. A teacher of mindfulness, art as a means to healing, and yoga, Steph found Sacred Warrior Boxing and overall philosophy fit her need for intensity and warriorship, while also resonating deeply with her meditation practice and life purpose. Steph is a boxing student of Vanessa’s as well as co-developer of the upcoming Sacred Warrior podcast. She lives in Bushwick and is exploring Biology, Art Therapy, Autism, and what it means to be living our purpose.

Posted on March 20, 2016 in Healing, Mindfulness, Training

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