Announcing ‘Remember & Rewild’ Sacred Warrior Tincture

After years of practicing and teaching herbalism, I’m excited to announce a line of Sacred Warrior tinctures. Each tincture is made from organic or sustainably wildcrafted herbs and the animal themed tinctures raise funds and awareness for partner wildlife organizations; the Wolf Conservation Center or the Jaguar Rescue Center.

The Remember & Rewild tincture benefits the Wolf Conservation Center. The Mugwort and Plantain were wildcrafted within sight and sound of the wolves and and the Yarrow was organically grown in the newly planted medicine garden.  Read below about these powerful plants and why I chose them for this blend:


MUGWORT Artemisia Vulgaris: Mugwort’s talent is helping to restore flow. This plant, named for the goddess Artemis, helps to move stagnant energy that is blocking us from truly claiming our power. Mugwort is famous for helping us to remember and heal via the dream realm. As we discuss in the Sacred Warrior Herbalism courses, the first step in healing is knowing what it is we need to heal. Ideally, uncovering the root cause of a mental, physical, spiritual or emotional challenge. Dreams contain what may be hidden underneath the realm of conscious awareness. Mugwort helps to move these things into the dream realm for us to see and heal. As a bitter, mugwort helps us digest bitter experiences and can be taken to ease digestive distress. This healing ally is mildly sedative and useful in calming frayed nerves and easing stress. A uterine stimulant, Mugwort can bring on delayed menstruation and help restore a woman’s monthly cycle, so is not for use during pregnancy or for excessive menstrual bleeding.


YARROW Achilea Millefolium: Yarrow’s virtues as a healing herb have been well known since ancient times. This warrior plant, named for greek hero, Achilles protects and defends as an important first aid herb. This ‘master of the blood’ regulates the flow to and from the surface, in and out of the capillaries and venules, thickening and thinning. Combined with its diaphoretic (promoting sweat/regulating temperature) capacity, Yarrow moves blood to or from the surface to release or preserve heat and regulate fluids. This normalizes the distribution, secretion, and elimination of water in the body.


Although pungent, bitter, and astringent in taste, yarrow also contains high levels of flavonoids, which sooth the capillaries so the blood passes quicker. Thus, it is both cooling and warming, fluid generating and controlling. Remedies with contradictory but complementary properties are often of great utility since they are able to normalize opposing conditions. This is true for yarrow.”~ Matthew Wood, author and herbalist


PLANTAIN Plantago Major: Plantain is close to the earth, helping us ground. This healing plant is everywhere around us, ready to help as a first aid ally. Plantain follows us into cities, towns and stays present in open fields and the edge of the forest. This overlooked ally is always there for us, providing comfort and companionship when we may be literally or figuratively wounded.


These plants come together to help us Remember & Rewild, Mugwort helps us confront and let go of what we need to heal, Yarrow maintains boundaries and internal strength, while Plantain is always with us, helping us to ground. This blend is intended to help us come home to our true nature in alignment with nature herself.


Photo on the label is beloved Ambassador Wolf, Zephyr taken by Rebecca Bose.

Posted on October 17, 2018 in Earth Connection, Healing, Herbal Medicine, Wildlife

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