Nature As Self: Earth Day Action & Reflection

As we get close to Earth day, I’ve been reflecting on ways our community can effect change. As those of you who have participated in Sacred Warrior courses and retreats know, they are designed to strengthen relationship with ourselves and with the natural world; with Nature as Self at the core.
So, why is connection with nature important?
Most of us are moved to take care of what we love. Conscious, direct encounters with nature are not only healing, but can develop our sense of the sacred and deeply affect our lifestyle choices. It’s more difficult to care about something if we’re detached. Experiencing interconnection and relationship creates eco-defenders and sacred warriors: so necessary at this time.
Here’s the first post to reflect on. This week I challenge each of us to be mindful of what we consume:
We all depend on products and services from the natural world. Our society demands more and more of these products and services from an ever-shrinking natural land base. We all consume resources, but most of us have no direct role in producing or protecting our food, water, air and other natural resources, so it’s easy for many to disconnect resource consumption to what is done somewhere on the land to make it possible.

Earth Day Reflection & Call to Action:

Think about your top 3 brands, the products & services you rely on.

Research their ingredients (look out for ingredients like palm oil) and approach to manufacturing.

Do they take steps to keep their carbon footprint small?

What’s their official position? Do they walk their talk?

How are they reviewed by others?

Once you have a sense of these companies’ impact, how do you envision interacting with them?

Comment below with what you find. Let’s help each other informed and engaged and call out companies whose practices need to change.

Stay Wild,

Posted on April 13, 2018 in Earth Connection, Environmental Action, Mindfulness

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