Inner Exploration

Where our mind goes, our energy goes. Our thoughts shape our perception of reality, influence our actions and shape our experience. Meditation spares the tragedy of wasting energy in the wrong directions.

Art makes the inner worlds visible. Whether its drawing, stream of consciousness writing or music, expressing ourselves through art can release what we no longer need and peel back layers to our authentic selves.


Exploration through visual art is often used in conjunction with other training and workshops to help us bypass the filters of the habitual mind. We use various methods of drawing from within. Creative exploration can coax the inside out and allow the movement and the space for it

Practices such as stream-of-consciousness writing, writing from the body and other exercises help to clear excess noise, open inner doors and reveal innate wisdom.

Silent meditation helps us observe where we are. Through consistent practice we become increasingly aware of the nature of our mind and connect to the witness within. This is a simple, but extremely powerful and often challenging practice as we come to see ourselves more clearly.

Visualization is a planned conscious use of the mind’s eye during a deeply relaxed state. Visualization can be used to work through fears, train the body/mind in sports performance, and prepare for situations that are presenting you with a challenge.

Plant meditations deepen our relationship with the living earth and with ourselves. Many are surprised by the shifts felt, and information received during these meditations.

Tuning into the elements— earth, water, fire, air— inside and out, helps create internal balance, heighten our senses and increase our power through connection to nature.

Guided meditations can be helpful in bringing us on journeys further into the self.

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