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Reclaiming The WIld Woman, by Queen Herawin

What happens when you lose sight of who you are? Is it sudden or progressive? Is it like traveling and having your sight set on an object or place, only to watch it fade into the distance, farther and farther away?  Or is it like having parts of you go numb as if they no…

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Grounding in challenging times

Personal healing = collective healing. It’s so important to remember that. In these challenging times with the constant onslaught of deeply upsetting, life-altering news (not to mention our personal day to day issues), we have to be vigilant about self care. It’s essential we carve out time to tune in and take care of ourselves.…

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Cultivating the Strength of Vulnerability: Healing from sexual violence

In the wake of a President Elect that is an outright sexual predator, I find it important to share how I’ve healed—mind, body and spirit—from sexual violence. It’s been a long journey that has informed my life’s work. There’s a lot to write about, but for now, in the spirit of healing, I feel moved…

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Winter Solstice

  Here is a some beautiful writing along with suggestions for Solstice ritual from one of my beloved teachers: Wisewoman and author, Robin Rose Bennett:   About the Solstice: At Winter Solstice, the earth is actually closer to the sun than in the summer because of the oval shape of its yearly path. But because…

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Multidimensional Mindfulness

Each moment is an opportunity to move through obstructions toward our full potential. We all are confronted with challenges— outer and inner ones: old ideas, stories, patterns, doubts. Our inner dialogue creates our outer turmoil if left unchecked. Warriorship involves the willingness to confront oneself; to look, listen, feel and be present for whatever comes…

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