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Tonics For Your Nervous System

  During the Sacred Warrior Herbalism courses, we engage our intuition and inner knowing about plant medicine. We often explore this through the lens of the doctrine of signatures, which states that plants resemble or communicate their healing qualities through shape, texture, color, the expression of their growth and more. We can also derive clues…

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Nettles, Mullein, Cleavers & The Elements

In our recent herbalism course, we talked about ways to work with elements—earth, water, fire, air— in our healing practices. We explored the ways in which plants correspond with these elements, and various methods of working with medicine: teas, tinctures, herbal steams, baths, meditation, plant ally work, smoke blends, ritual, oils, salves and more. As always, we engaged our intuition and…

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Sacred Warrior Training: The Elements

Sacred Warrior Training is an integrated system that evolved through my journey of healing, and years of work as a personal trainer, boxer & boxing coach, artist and meditation instructor. I’ve always used a holistic approach while working with clients; addressing the body, mind & spirit in our practices, but it wasn’t until I integrated my…

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Herbalism Course Personal Journal: May, By Natalia S.

While we were in Costa Rica last month, Vanessa shared a Burdock root tea with us during our practice one morning. I was having trouble concentrating, and had not slept well the night before, so sitting there, flustered and frustrated, I found my mind wandering as I sipped the sweet and earthy tea. Then I was…

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Wild Medicinals in NYC: Dandelion

We often look elsewhere for what we already have… Many of us are lead to believe that healing and medicinal plants are exotic superfoods we have to seek in some distant, remote forest or spend loads of money at the health food store to get our hands on. The truth is, many of the most…

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