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Wild Medicinals in NYC: Dandelion

We often look elsewhere for what we already have… Many of us are lead to believe that healing and medicinal plants are exotic superfoods we have to seek in some distant, remote forest or spend loads of money at the health food store to get our hands on. The truth is, many of the most…

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Peeling Back Layers

Throughout my life, I’ve faced challenges that have propelled me to discover, explore and understand the way in which I heal. This journey has transcended physical healing into fully integrating my mind, body and spirit in each step of the process. In order to provide more context for my approach to Sacred Warrior training and workshops,…

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Sacred Warrior Launch!

When we are able to communicate and listen more deeply, our experience of life transforms. To listen to our bodies means being willing to hear what may have been pushed deep inside. We can come into a more powerful and vibrant state if we are willing to listen and let go of what no longer…

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