Alladale Retreat Itinerary


Each day begins with movement and meditation practice in Eagle’s Craig Cottage followed by a delicious breakfast in the Victorian Lodge.

July 11th
Arrivals. Check in at 12pm. Pick ups at Ardgay. Dinner at 6:30pm

July 12th: EARTH I Talamh

Today we begin with our foundation: Earth. Our bodies, our land, our stance and our roots. We’ll explore Alladale’s wilderness and the history of the Highlands; orienting ourselves to place. We’ll explore the relationship between our body and the body of the Earth. How do we work with our outer landscapes, and how do we protect the ecology of our inner landscape? Activities include: tour of the land, introductory hike and plant medicine walk, embodied awareness of our surroundings. Evening story & song.


July 13th: WATER l  Uisge

From our foundation earth, we can flow into our water day. Water is life, potential and change. As water beings ourselves, where do we flow and where do we stagnate? What keeps us fresh, nourished, creative? We continue our plant ally work, studying possibility in the plant kingdom. Focusing on individual allies, we form relationship with life around us. In our inner ecology work, we dive into drawing and creative writing. In your self care session, perhaps you’ll meditate by the water, or go fishing! Shared story over dinner, with sharing circle to follow.


July 14th: FIRE l Teine

We wake today ready to experience ourselves and the land. This is fire day and we challenge ourselves with morning archery practice, followed by an intense hike and solo time in the wilderness. We’ll have much to share over dinner and our evening circle by the fire.


July 15: AIR l Àr

Our practice today takes us into the element of air, the element that teaches us to value aspects of life that are invisible. In our plant ally work, we’ll make medicine that will go with us when we leave. Physical medicine, but also medicine for our souls and spirits. Air is always shared, so we shall share today in our circle. Our personal story has become a fairy tale full of characters and archetypes familiar to all. We are our own storytellers and in sharing, our stories become universal, epic adventures. Your self care session might include journaling about plant allies, drawing the landscape or taking a nap. Storytelling over dinner continues. What will the air bring in?

July 16th: ETHER l Domhan

Our element today is ether – how shall we integrate this experience into our lives? What art or ongoing supports our experience? It might be a drawing, photography, journaling, collage. How do we bring this experience deeply into our lives beyond Alladale?

A final walk, a final circle and then departures. Perhaps not, perhaps the beauty of this place will entice you to remain for a few days longer.

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