Sacred Warrior experiences strengthen relationship with yourself and the living earth. Our integrated practices reveal your innate wisdom and power, while our outdoor retreats and classes connect you to the plants and animals that share your ecosystem. By re-connecting people, plants, animals, and Earth, we’re awakening eco-defenders and Sacred Warriors one experience at a time.



• Everything is Interconnected.

• Disrupting the life purpose of any living being disrupts our own.

• Every being has a purpose and values their life.

• Diversity is essential for healthy ecosystems.

• The health & well-being of the Earth and our own health and well-being are inextricably linked.

• We can reclaim innate wisdom and power.


Sacred Warrior teachers facilitate lived experiences of the Sacred Warrior philosophy. With the Sacred Warrior system of training, we engage integrated practices of meditation, movement & creative exploration to reveal your innate wisdom and power. Our courses invite the Earth and your body into each session as teachers, empowering you to listen to your instinct and intuition. We are committed to teaching and faciliating from a justice-oriented, and decolonizing framework. Teachings of ecology and local plant medicine are woven into every experience to develop a sense of interconnection, recall ancestral healing practices & deepen intimacy with the living Earth.



• Movement to reveal innate wisdom & power

• Meditation to focus the mind

• Creative Exploration to reveal authentic expression

• Herbalism to connect with the earth & ancestral healing practices

• Wildlife education to experience interconnection

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