Sacred Warrior Boxing: Prospect Park, BKNY Tuesdays 10am

Suggested Price: $90.00

Minimum Price: $22.00


Sacred Warrior Boxing 

Developed Sacred Warrior Founder and former fighter, Vanessa Chakour, Sacred Warrior Boxing is taught as an internal and external martial art. The practice is an incredible arena for moving beyond self-imposed limitations, harnessing will, increasing present moment awareness and cultivating internal strength. The more we cultivate our internal strength, the more we can embrace the power of our sensitivity. This allows us to tune in to our intuition, instinct, and develop a heightened awareness of our surroundings. In this sense, Sacred Warrior Boxing is used as a tool to connect more deeply to the self and our environment.


10:00am- 11:15am All Levels

Pre-registration required to reserve space

Trial Class:
$22 (first time only)

Continued Training rates:
$90 per month (4 sessions/month due every 4 weeks)



Grand Army Plaza Entrance/Longmeadow Field in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Rain or Shine. We train under the archway if it rains.

We resume training April 17th


“Your ability to teach people to embrace their practice from their own present moment is powerful. In this way you make boxing a sacred opportunity to learn about how to better one’s approach life, self and others. I am deep in gratitude.”  ~ Phelicia Magnusson, Herbalist

“I have been waiting for someone with your level of integrated methods/knowledge that can help facilitate true healing and training while helping us get reconnect with beautiful, abundant mother earth !” ~ Natalie Pierson, Founder and trainer at Integrated Form

“Training with Vanessa has helped me reconnect with my body, mind, and soul. Through boxing, conditioning, and meditation, I have found a way to quiet the chaotic noise of the outside world and focus on myself.” ~ Sophie Browner

“The boxing and meditation session at the park was a fantastic experience! I have done a bit of boxing in the past in some gyms, but this was radically different. Vanessa’s method teaches you to tune in, become conscious of your surroundings and draw upon your inner strength. You push your body to your own limits and leave the class feeling grounded and more present.” ~ Diana Abi Khalil


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