Reclaim The Wild Woman: Half Day Intensive, April 8th, Brooklyn NY





Reclaim the Wild Woman is a course designed to heal and reveal innate strength through the body, the mind, and spirit, while lifting the veil between ourselves and the natural world



We have the capacity to realize our innate freedom.  ‘Reclaim The Wild Woman’ means returning home to our true nature in alignment with the power of nature herself. We’ll share multi-dimensional practices to deepen our connection to ourselves, our communities and the earth. The Wild Woman method draws upon the transformative power of martial arts, meditation, creative/artistic exploration and herbalism. Using these tools, we’ll work from inside out to cultivate strength, release limiting beliefs, and reclaim our wild wisdom.


As women, we’re naturally in harmony with nature. We wax and wane with the cycles of the moon and transform with the seasons. Our instincts and intuition are keys to our power. We have an innate craving, sometimes deep within and unrecognized in this fast-paced world to come together, to communicate, to deeply listen. During this intro session we’ll create time and space to ask potent questions about who we are, why we’re here and reflect upon what’s most sacred.

We’ll explore the elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and ground our teachings with a corresponding movement, plant medicine, meditation and creative practice. As we move through each element like this, it will become clear where we may be stuck, tense or imbalanced. This knowledge is an opportunity to transform.

Our shared practices remind will us that we often have everything we need within us, and in the case of the medicinal plants; directly under our feet.

Half Day intensive:
Sunday, April 8th
Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

For more about the 5-week course click HERE

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