Introduction to Sacred Warrior Training, Prospect Park, BKNY August 19th

$50.00 $40.00


Introduction to Sacred Warrior Training

Through Sacred Warrior Training™ we cultivate our internal strength and increase vitality by attuning to nature.

Martial arts meets herbal wellness in this powerful integrative practice developed by Sacred Warrior founder, Vanessa ChakourSacred Warrior Training™ brings together therapeutic movement, western boxing, mindfulness practice and herbalism into a singular experience that deepens your connection to your body and to the body of the Earth. During this intro session, we’ll share a nourishing herbal infusion, explore empowering movement, meditate, share, free-write and set personal intentions. Learn more about the practice and series HERE


• A deepening connection to nature in the city   •  Heightening of the senses

• Increased Internal & external strength  •  An understanding of martial arts principles that apply to sport and to life

• Time and space to tune in through meditation and creative exploration  •  A supportive community environment

• Movement and mindfulness exercises to integrate into daily life

$40 pre-registration

Longmeadow by Grand Army Plaza
11-2pm August 19th, 2017

The 5-week series begins Sept 2017


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